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Orange County Robbery Attorney

Among the most serious of felonies, robbery is the kind of public offense that cannot be charged as a misdemeanor. A conviction for robbery is also a strike felony under the three-strikes law, so it carries with it very serious punishment

Defense of Robbery

The primary means of negating a charge for robbery is by negating a necessary element such as the specific intent to commit a robbery. In addition to this, one can defense themselves depending on the circumstances that led to the arrest. For example, many accomplices are charged with robbery when in fact they did not have any knowledge of the crime but happen to be present when it occurred. See below for a case study.

Laws of Robbery

Many people confuse the two terms "robbery" and "burglary". Some people use the two terms interchangeably to describe a theft when in fact the two are very different things. While burglary is just breaking and entering with the intent to steal, robbery consists of the taking of personal property from another person through the use of force or fear (Penal Code § 211). Like burglary, however, the robbery does not need to be fully completed for the perpetrator to be caught and charged with robbery.