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Orange County White Collar Fraud Attorney

A white collar crime may not seem like that big of a deal because it does not involve violence. Types of white collar crimes include things such as some sort of fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, or cheating customers. Generally speaking, a white collar crime is an illegal act that relates to dishonest or unfair business practices. White collar crimes can come with sentences much harsher than you might expect, and require the assistance of an attorney in order to avoid facing these sentences.

While a white collar crime does not involve violence, sentences are often just as harsh as they are for violent criminals. Obviously, you can expect to pay significant fines and court fees. You also run the risk of being incarcerated and going to jail. You may need to provide community service, undergo probation, or pay restitution.

In addition to the immediate legal consequences, being convicted of a white collar crime can seriously damage your future. You could lose your job, have difficulty finding a new job in remotely the same pay grade, and find it difficult to obtain credit for housing and other life necessities. The charges will stay on your permanent record and will be immediately available to anybody who performs a background check. In some cases it is possible to have the crimes expunged from your record, but this is not always an option.

If you are looking for an Orange County criminal defense attorney to defend you from allegations of white collar crime, contact Defense Lawyers Corporation. We provide experienced attorneys who are sensitive to the ways in which an allegation of white collar crime can harm your personal and business life. We can advise you carefully on your next move, and will do everything in our power to prevent these allegations from affecting your future. Contact us a 1-800-226-9004 .